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War in Iraq & Afghanistan
The 'greatest generation' is serving our nation today.
I have been acquiring insignia from friends who are currently or have served in our nations recent conflicts.  It is not the item that holds it's value to me but know who wore each piece or where the item came from.

One of the great things about the soldiers in today's army is that many of them are well aware of their unit's history.  This was displayed in Iraq when the Airborne troops began wearing unit designations on the sides of their kevlar helmets as the paratroopers of WWII had done.  This pair of Tori Gate insignia is accompanied by a letter direct from a friend who was a Battalion XO with the Rakkasans... the 187th Airborne... in Iraqi Freedom.

These patches are in-country made.  Note they are sand camo and the 1st Cav. is reversed for wear as a forward facing right shoulder combat unit insignia.

Here is a Saudi made desert camo Special Forces patch given to me by an SF Captain (now a Major on his second combat tour).  I am pleased to have one of his in-country worn berets as well.

All branches of service were and are active in the war(s) in SW Asia.
These tapes are from a USCG Medic.

This great patch is a locally made Mobile Reaction Force SF insignia from a Captain in a 100 man SF detachment of the 20th SF that operated out of Nangarhar and Laghman Provinces in Afghanistan.  The shield is the colors of Afghanistan and the 54 on the skull stands for ODA 2054.  The photo in the background shows the team in the field.

This patch, from another member of the same MRF team is made without the teams ODA number for wear by local Afghan troops.

This unique insignia comes from a veteran of the unit from his service in Afghanistan with his photo in-country.

I love this one!  USAF CENTAF 9th Air Force.  This is a RARE patch worn by an ELITE joint nation unit of British, US, and Saudi JAG fella's whose job was to figure out the legal ramifications of bombings.

These two insignia relate to an SF related unit called
"The Afghan Partnering Unit"
The APU is a Afghan special forces unit with member drawn mainly from the Afghan commandos.   They are equipped in the hyperstealth uniform and some in multicam...along with better weapons and equipment than the regular Afghan forces.
This Reuters article tells more.

A fine insignia with a letter from the SF unit's commander

Thanks for letting me share these!