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Militaria: updated 8/19/18

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Militaria for sale

Spanish American War Commemorative Dewey Pitcher


WWI 77th Division Group


WWI 81st Division, 322nd Inf. Officer's Blouse


1920's US 63rd Cavalry Officer's Blouse


Pre-WWII Navy / Marine Aviator Wing By AE Co.


WWII USN / USMC Navigator Wings


USS Vincennes Posthumous Purple Heart


Posthumous AAF ETO Distinguished Flying Cross Trio

$600.00 ON HOLD

Posthumous Airborne Silver Star Group With Air Medal

$1,000.00 ON HOLD

Choice AAF A11 Leather Flight Helmet


NAMED German Cross In Gold


Hitler Youth Member's Shirt


DJ Winter Uniform Blouse


Hitler Youth Armband

$85.00 ON HOLD

Etched & Published German Artillery Bayonet


Luftwaffe Single Decal Paratrooper Helmet


Luftwaffe Single Decal M42 Helmet


German Police Double Decal Combat Helmet


German Composition 'personality' Toys Herman Goering

$Follow This Link

Tank Destroyer Officer's Blouse


Special Forces Det. B52 / Delta / SOG group


Special Forces B52 Delta & SOG Grouping