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Pacific Theater Escape & Evasion kit with rare Milus watch & gold intact.
Much gold has been scrap melted and the rare Milus watches are coveted by timepiece collectors, leaving few intact "Life barter kits" available for collectors.  The military produced two versions, one for the Pacific and one for the Atlantic.  Offered here is an original and complete Pacific #47 version with a beautiful condition running Milus watch.
$2,450.00 ON HOLD

During World War Two (WWII), the United States Navy these kits and they were issued to U.S. Pilots and Paratroopers to barter their way out of difficult situations if they were downed in unfriendly territory.  The Escape and Evasion Kits we commonly were commonly referred to as "Life Barter Kits."  This original as issued "Pacific Barter Kit" contains 1.08 Troy Ounces of solid gold and a Milus Snow Star Watch.  The plastic case for the watch has been opened to inspect the watch however it remains intact.The original The WWII "Pacific Barter Kits" consisted of: 
1 ea. - Gold Link Chain (four links) 1 ¾" (44.45MM) length
1 ea. - Gold Embossed Pendant
2 ea. - Gold Rings
1 ea. - 21-Jewel Swiss Calendar Watch with Cloth Band
The Original Issue "Pacific Barter Kits" contained, notably, a Milus Snow Star reference number M.40.81 Wristwatch.