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Dayton 'hillclimber' tank
1920s flywheel friction pressed steel WWI style tank. Complete and looks great, flywheel sticks and needs oiled. Great looking large 14" toy tank!  $185.00

Tru-Matic Machine Gun
Great authentic looking pressed steel toy Machine Gun manufactured by the Tru-Matic Toy Company, East Stroudsburg, PA. circa 1950. It's complete with cartridge and bullets on it’s tripod mount. Spin the crank for a loud rat-a-tat-tat sound! Some minor dings and wear but overall fine with clear markings. $250.00

Britains pre-war 164 Mounted Bedouin Arabs
Excellent figures, wear but no damage to box.  $85.00

WWII German wooden tank
Acquired from the widow of a WWII US vet who said her husband brought it home as a war souvenier.  Wooden body and wheels. Measures 8 1/2 inches long. The hook at the front leads me to believe it was originally a pull toy. The wartime Hitler head stamp has been there since the war. $65.00

Barclay dime store lead marchers & officer with sword.
Excellent original paint. B15/704 & B25/708  $25.00

Barclay B150 Soldier at desk with typewriter

Barclay BV56 Coast Guard cannon.