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Militaria: updated 6/20/18

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Toys reflect the culture of the society and the era to which they belong.  This is especially true in military toys.

German toys of the 1930's reflected the politics of the era; rearmament, blitzkreig warfare, and the Nazi propaganda machine.

Lehmann Heinkel HE-70 "Blitz"
In original box from the late 1930's

based on this aircraft...

Tippco E27 late 1930's German fighter plane
Tin windup IIIrd Reich era fighter plane with sparking guns.

Wonderful period photo from the web

Tippco Field car with Elastolin figures

Hausser Elastolin troop transport with .88 cannon
The Protzkraftwagen 730N was modeled on the Krupp transport and is found in 6 & 8 man versions with or without canvass top.

Hausser Kubelwagon with mess wagon in tow.

Lineol German trenchworks with Lineol & Elastolin soldiers
from the 1937 Lineol catalogue

Lineol Panzerspahwagen radio car
Pellet shooting with electric headlights.

Lineol Panzer Klettertank

Tippco vehicles

Post war Arnold Jeep in European Constabulary jeep
With original composition figures.

A selection of O gauge military trains!

1930's-40's Marx 500 Army Supply Train

1950's Marx 666 Army train
A rather hard to find variation of the common Marx 666 locomotive!