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Militaria For Sale
Updated 8/5/2021

Army of Northern Virginia Veterans Badge
        The Army of Northern Virginia was the force commanded in the field by Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War battling with the Union Army of the Potomac throughout Virginia and the Battle of Gettysburg. In November of 1870 former Confederate General Bradley T. Johnson of Maryland and several former Confederate officers met in Richmond, Virginia to form the Benevolent Association of the Army of Northern Virginia. They elected former Confederate General Jubal Early as the organization's President. The members wore an enameled badge featuring a Confederate Battle flag on a ring suspension. The ANV badge is usually encountered with a blank reverse but engraved examples have been found. Suspended from a large fixed ring, it is seen with numerous suspensions including a ribbon, as a medal on a drape, and as a watch fob. This excellent example is for a member of the Louisiana Division of the ANV.
$300.00 SOLD

Similar medal in wear on a UCV uniform

Julia Jackson, daughter of 'Stonewall' Jackson was an honorary ANV member and wore the medal in her father's memory.