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Militaria For Sale
Updated 8/10/2021

Confederate Cavalry Sword
Known as a Dog River by Southern blade historians, refering to swords that are unquestionably wartime but without a known maker as so many small armories arose in the wartime Confederate states.
This one has all the attributes and is no doubt a Confederate cavalryman's weapon.
Condition rough as expected for a SC barn find. Grip wire intact, most of leather eaten away, guard clean but one branch broken, blade HEAVILY pitted and missing the tip, no scabbard.
Some remnants of the thin leather grip covering remain under the intact single strand wire. The ricasso is unstopped with the blade running straight into the guard. The three branch guard is slightly thinner than a Northern made sword and the outer most 'branch' has been broken off.
Of course I believe it was damaged in combat, but it could have fallen off the shelf too! Whichever, the break is very old and the edges are cleanly worn over.
This sword measures about 42 inches overall with 35 inches of blade. Not that that is without a scabbard and the tip broken, so add maybe 3 inches to the total for a sword worn by one tall rider!
$1,250.00  SOLD