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SE Asia Theater Escape & Evasion kit with Milus watch & gold
A number of these rare kits emerged in 1980 when the US Dept. of Defense auctioned their discovery of these WWII-Vietnam holdovers. Much gold has been scrapped and the Milus watches are coveted by timepiece collectors, leaving few intact "Life barter kits" available for collectors. The United States Navy created these kits in WWII and issued them to Pilots and Paratroopers to barter their way out of difficult situations if they were downed in unfriendly territory. Kits were again issued in early stages of Vietnam. They were apparently assembled from WWII kits which were updated with this post-WWII watch. This is an original and complete SE Asia #047 version with a beautiful condition running Milus watch and over and ounce of gold
The kit contains 1.08 Troy Ounces of 10K gold and the Milus Snow Star M.40.81 21-Jewel Milus Swiss Calendar Wristwatch with Cloth Band. The plastic case for the watch has been opened to inspect the watch however it remains intact. The gold in the “Barter Kit" consists of: 1 Gold Link Chain (four links) 1 ¾" (44.45MM) length, 1 Gold Embossed Pendant and 2 Gold Rings.