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The Gama panzers and more!
Gama is the acronym for Georg Adam Mangold, founder of the company in Fürth, Germany in 1882. He began making tinplate mechanical toys and production continued through World War II, the Occupation era and into the late 1950s with a wide range of lithographed tinplate.

In the 1930s, the rise of militarism in Germany saw a resurgence in production of military toys and the Panzer was top of the list! Gama offered tanks in sizes from 3.5" to 7.5" inches in length in wind up with sparking flint mechanisms. The destruction of World War II disrupted production as it did with other German makers such as Märklin and Schuco but post war production resumed quickly and those toys were marked Made in US Zone Germany. In the 1960’s Gama moved to plastic injection and diecast toys.

The model for many of the Panzers

Shown here is an early Gama tank (the treads are replacements).
Wartime Production for export it is marked DRGM MADE IN GERMANYon the front and FORIEGN on the reverse.

This US ZONE GERMANY Occupation era Gama 65 measure approximately 5.5 inches long and comes with a composition Panzer crewman.

Another with box...

1930's Gama Panzer Mann in composition. This 7cm figure is compatable to those produced by Elastolin & Lineol.