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German Honor Roll Clasp Document Group
Ehrenblattspange of the army Lieutenant colonel Horst Kolrep, leader Grenadier Regt. No. 1086, convicted of and executed for war crimes in France after WWII.

Included are award certificates for the Iron Cross 2nd Class, awarded on 1.6.1940, original signature "Feßmann" General of the Panzertruppe and division commander, award certificate for the Iron Cross 1st Class, awarded 2.8.1940, original signature "Feßmann" General of the Panzertruppe and Division. Certificate for the Infantry Assault Badge in silver, issued 4.9.1941. Award certificate for the KVK 1939 2nd class with swords, issued Berlin, 30.1.1944, original signature "The chief of the training system in the replacement army .. General of the Pioneers". Award certificate for the honorary cordon of the army "I express my special appreciation to Major Jorst Kolrep for his outstanding achievements on the battlefield near Szebnie on August 15, 1944." Issued 17.9.1944, facsimile signature "Adolf Hitler". The Ehrenblatt of the German Army, dated 17 September 1944 with mention of Kolrep. Furthermore, a copy of the fight report "The Miracle of Nierep" by Kriegsberichter Dr. Helmut Schuster, dated 21.8.1944 with the report on the heroic deed of Major Kolrep, as well as the original newspaper excerpt. Soldbook, issued September 6, 1939, with uniform photo and omplete with all entries, promotions to Lieutenant Colonel, all awards listed to Wound Badge in Silver on 26th August 1944, the last entries in July 1945. I

Other documents include his certificate of appointment to lieutenant colonel of the state police, issued 1. 10.1935, original signature of the Reich Minister of War "v. Blomberg" , Certificate of promotion to Lieutenant, issued 30.8.1935, original signature The Reich Minister of War "v. Blomberg". Certificate of promotion to captain, issued 1. Jui 1939, original signature The commander-in-chief of the army "von Brauchitsch",  5 certificates of appointment and identity card as a member of the Prussian state police 1931-1935. I

During the French campaign in 1940 Kolrep was commander of the II./Inf.Rgt. 497. He ordered the execution of a partisan and burned his house. Executions of several French civilians were also ordered. Kolrep was arrested in 1947, extradited to France and sentenced to death in 1951.

$4,000.00 SOLD