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HJ/DJ Musician's Uniform and Overseas Cap
1935 Summer tan DJ/HJ koperbluse, based as the NSDAP brown shirt. On the left shoulder is the District Triangle for WEST / MITTELREIN, below that is the sigrune of Oberbann 3 which for Ober-Gebiet West / Mittlerein was located in Aachen. The wear of the Oberbann sigrune and the District and Bann insignia combination help to date this blouse to pre-1939. On the wearers right shoulder is a single shoulder strap with embroidered number 464. This indicates he is in Bann, or Regiment, 464. A check of the organizational charts of the Hitler Youth verify this Bann is assigned to Gebiet West / Mittelrein as found on the wearers district triangle. After 1939 this Bann was assigned to District West/Köln-Aachen. The number 71 on the shoulder strap button with a button sewn to the wearers shoulder as well to attach the Leadership Lanyard. The color of this lanyard indicates the rank, in this case, DJ Ober/Jüngzugführer. Note that on the left breast pocket is worn the early DJV membership badge, further indicating this youth is already a 'veteran'. The shoulders are adorned with the traditional swallows nest insignia indicating a band member. The uniform is complete with the black neckerchief and leather knot.

The HJ sommer-mutze in tan cotton twill with prong reverse metal HJ diamond (NOT a Hitler Youth membership pin). The fold of the crown has been neatly period sewn down for form and the sweatband removed. Red piping for a member of the general HJ.
$950.00 SOLD