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Identified SS Officer’s Blouse
This uniform, to Untersturmfuhrer Hans Weissenbock, is known in collector circles with the provenance, blouse and insignia well vetted. The officers document archive is in collector hands having recently gone through auction, and his Ausweis appears in Charles Barger`s book on SS docs, on page 28.
     It was criticized, rightfully so, for the presence of a sewn on German Cross and Iron Cross ribbon that were likely not awarded to this SS officer and not original to the blouse. Both of these were amateurishly sewn on. The cloth German Cross and Iron Cross ribbon have been carefully removed without damage to the blouse. It is worth noting that virtually no shadow was left by the presence of either award. This lends credence to the idea that they were collector additions never worn even if late war awards.

The tunic is original as tailored by the company of Joseph Andrysek and named on the label in period ink. The Viennese tailor label corresponds with the officers last wartime posting at the Vienna NPEA school. The uniform has a collector history since the late 1960's though it wasn't until years later that research was done on the officer. All insignia is unquestioned original. The sleeve eagle is neatly resewn, probably post war. The shoulder boards are slip on's. The 'old fighters ' chevron and collar tabs are wartime original as worn.  They are correctly sewn and not by the same hand as the eagle.
      Weissenbock's personnel file confirms is that he received the Old Fighters Chevron, Totentkopfer ring der SS, Sports Badge in Bronze, KVK II, and the Eastern Front medal for service in the cavalry regiment. There are loops for the Sports Badge and a long ribbon bar, possibly reflecting pre-war or State awards not in his file.
$8,000.00 SOLD