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Militaria For Sale
Updated 11/27/2021

Irish Army M1927 German style Vickers Helmet
Scarce and unique WWI German style combat helmet used by the Irish Army in the 1920's-30's. Rather than use the British helmet, unacceptable to the Irish so soon after the War Of Independence, the Irish Ministry of defense deemed the German helmet as the best design and it was also a jab at the British Army. The restrictions of the Versailles treaty barred Germany from exporting military goods, so the Irish turned to the Vickers company for manufacturing. 10021 helmets made and over 4000 were buried under the parade ground in Cathal Brugha barracks in Dublin to build the foundation in the early 80's.
The skirt is stamped "V Ltd (illegible#)/27" indicate this helmets number of the 10,021, made in 1927.
These were often worn with an Irish Army badge specifically designed for the helmet, note the attaching base on the front. The white finish indicates home front Civil Defense Forces.
$300.00 SOLD