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Reference & Research

Orders & Medals Society of America

Hitler Youth Research Forum

Bund der Deutscher Madel Research Site

US Military Collectors Forum

German Daggers Forum

Spanish American War Centennial Research Site

War Relics Militaria Forum

Dealer sites

German Militaria

Adam Rohloff, US Medals

Allied Military Collectors Forum

The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors. ASMIC A website by ASMIC which is a fine organization of collectors devoted to the research and preservation of American Military Insignia.

Tarbridge:  Medals to North Carolinian's
Robert Wilson of Tarbridge Military Antiques collects medals and other items related to the state of North Carolina.  Give him a call if you find something!

Association of American Military Uniform Collectors.  The original Footlocker!

Cyndi's list of Genealogy Sites Sn invaluable research area for anyone interested in doing 'people research' on the internet.

Recommended new publication on US hallmarks!
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