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New Jersey FIRST DEFENDER service medal
Several states issued their veterans of the Civil War.  The NJ State medal, Mass. Minuteman, and the W. VA serice medal are commonly seen examples as given out to the many War of the Rebellion veterans.  This award by the state of New Jersey to members of only the NJ Brigade who answered Lincoln's call to arms in April of 1861.  A 'late comer' it was not authorized until 1901 and then was only given to those vets who applied for it.  It was not awarded posthumously or given to next of kin.  I do not have an accurate number of those issued however, it is far lower than other state service medals.
This medal was awarded to
Private Julius Bergfelts
Bergfelts served with Co. C NJ 1st Infantry from April 1861 to July 1861.

The information below is from Greg Ogletree's excellent book on state issue service medal.