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Panzer Jager Officer's blouse with Wehrpass & Photos

Bio follows the pictures....
Excellent early war Officer's blouse with all original insignia as worn. Badges on the loops are wartime originals and assumed to be his, the ribbon bar as well and is documented in the photograph of the officer in uniform!
A couple minor moth nips at reverse and stain to sleeve barely detract from this scarce uniform i.d. by original photo's in uniform as well as his soldbuch and some misc. paperwork.
$2,400.00 ON HOLD

Hauptmann Hermann Schubert was Born 11/9/92, he served in WWI as evidenced by the 1914 Iron Cross and Hindenburg Cross with Swords ribbons on his ribbon bar. A friend noted that he must have been a highly qualified officer to have continued in active service, into the Russian Campaign and not place on Reserve status. He would have commanded troops in the Panzer Jager unit consisting of Sturmgeshutz and other motorized artillery weapons.
WWII found him serving in Panzer Jager 543 of the 3rd Panzer Division. He apparently did not serve in the Polish Campaign however was decorated for his service following in France. He earned the EKII with 1939 Spange, EKI , General Assault Badge in these early compagns and the Black Wound Badge was received later as Commander of the 337th Panzer Jager Abteilung of the 337th Infantry Division. In 1942 337.Pzr Jager Abt. received and an assault gun Company and served on the Russian Front. The unit was destroyed in June 1944 at Mogilev, reformed in September 15, 1944, from Panzerjäger Abteilung 570.