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Panzerjager Officer’s Document group
A large group of documents spanning this officer's career.  Many are in rough shape but an interesting combat officer's group! Leutnant Hans Gothan saw extensive service on the Russian Front, was twice wounded and recipient of the Iron Cross 1st  and 2nd classes. He served in Panzer Jager Abteilung 49, Pzr Ersatz Abt 25, and Pzr Abt 35; attached to the 4th Panzer Division, the most highly decorated of the Panzer Divisions.
Included are his age worn documents:
Wehrmacht Driver’s License dated May 1940 and photograph
Page from his Soldbuch showing service details on the Russian Front from June to August 1941, Minsk, Smolensk etc. and stamped Kp./Pz. Jager Abt 49.
Personnel Changes Record dated April 1943 from  Abt. 25

Assessment Certificate from Panzertruppenschule April 1943.
Appraisal Report from Panzer Ersatz Abteilung 25 dated April 1944, showing awards and decoration with dates.
Medical Certificate signed by Dr. Bell of Panzer Abt 35 mentioning a splinter to the left elbow dated April 1943.
Ausweis dated August 1944 with a faded photograph in black Panzer Wrap.
A page from his Soldbuch showing him as an Oberleutnant and listing his promotion dates. stamped, good condition but only half of the page.
His Post War documents include:
An ID card as a Leutnant but with a photograph of him still wearing his Feldwebel’s uniform. Dated 27. May 1945 with validity to the end of 1948. Issued post war but still with Nazi and civil stamps. Good condition.
A Military Government of Germany Temporary Registration Card showing him as a Bank Official and resident of Rimpar, restricting his right to leave the town. Dated July 1945. Printed on a recycled portion of a map.
A British War Department Driving License dated July 47 and a Civilian pass to enter Flak Kaserne in his capacity as an auto mechanic, dated Sept 1945. Payment slip for 25RM as a POW held by the US 26th Inf. Reg. with another showing decorations and awards both dated July 1945
A copy of his service assessment from April 1943 but stamped by the civil administration in 1951. Very good condition.
Finally, his well worn certificate of discharge from lager 4 in July 1945, the medical section showing “Appendicitis Scar, Scar on left elbow, restriction of mobility, left elbow. One kidney only. Medical category, Poor.
A fascinating group to a veteran officer who was awarded the Iron Cross second class 19.7.41, Wound Badge in Black 10. 9.41, Panzer Assault Badge in silver 7.3.42, Wound Badge in Silver 14.8.42 and the East Front Medal 2.10.42 whilst with 4. Pz. Division and the War Service Cross Second Class with Pz. Ers. Abt 25 Bamberg and Iron Cross First Class with Flak Div 102. At his time of discharge he had attained the rank of Leutnant and was by then a widower with one child.

The 4th Panzer Division Panzer Jagers were equipped with Marder II & III tank destroyers. They suffered catastrophic losses at Kursk and fought a series of defensive battles at Kiev.

A unique paper group worth more research.

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