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Updated 12/10/2021

A Photo Essay of CSA Medals & Badges

Confederate Survivors Association

UDC Southern Cross of Honor.
Given by the United Daughter's of the Confederacy
to Confederate Veteran's for Civil War service.

Forrest Cavalry Corps Member's Veterans Medal

Veteran's Shields and Ladder Badges were purchased post Civil War to be worn at reunions, parades and Memorial holidays.

1915 "Adjutant General and Chief of Staff of South Carolina" Richmond, Virginia UCV Annual Reunion badge

Army Of Northern Virginia Veterans' Badge

UCV Camp Ribbon

UCV Reunion Ribbon for a Camp Delegate

State UCV Reunion Ribbon

Examples of the souvenir badges offered at UCV reunions

Similar style badges for Veterans

Confederate Veterans Association of Kentucky

Alabama 1915 state reunion at Selma, Veterans badge