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Indian War's / Spanish American War Gallantry Group
     Medal and badge group attributed group to Colonel Charles G. Starr, West Point Military Academy class of 1878.  Starr was assigned to frontier duty from 1878 to 1883. After returning from the frontier he served at various posts in the United States until sent to the Philippines for the Spanish American War.  Cited for Gallantry in action twice, his Corps badges are gallantry presentations from the commanding generals at a time when our modern day 'pyramid of honor' did not exist.  These citations would later be converted to Silver Citation Stars to be worn on his Phillippine Campaign Medal.
His awards include his Indian Wars Campaign medal number No. 153.
Order of the Indian Wars of the United States numbered 50 and engraved
Maj. C.G. Starr U.S.A.
  Society of the Army of Santiago number 205 engraved
Capt. G.C. Starr
  Military Order of the Foreign Wars of the United States number 365.
BB&B Army 5th Corps badge, presentation engraved
Maj. C.G. Starr I.G. U.S.V. from Maj. Gen. W.R. Shafter U.S.V.
   BB&B Army 8th Corps badge presentation engraved
Lt. Col. C.G. Starr 11th Cav U.S.V. from Maj. Gen. H.W. Lawton U.S.V.
Lastly an army sharpshooter badge with bar 1887-88-96.

The Corps badges were given by the Commanding General's, Shafter & Lawton, in recognition for then Major Starr's gallantry in battle.  Starr was cited for Gallantry in Action by General Lawton at the Battle of Santa Cruz when he took charge of the advancing left flank in the battle when General King was incapacitated.  He was again cited for Gallantry in Action at the Battle of Zapote River by General Shafter when Starr commanded the 11th Cavalry's extreme right flank in the battle.

$6,500.00 SOLD

This photo of Col. Starr, graciously provided by his grandnephew, shows these awards in wear.

As displayed in my collection

Charles Starr, USMA

Col. Starr's papers, Philippine Campaign Medal with Silver Citation star, and USMA ring are in the West Point collection.

His grave in the San Antonio National Cemetery Texas